Junior Engineer Workshop Update #1!

Nexus3 Junior Engineer Catapult - STEM
Nexus3 Junior Engineer Catapult

Thanks for staying in touch! Our team has been working hard to decide on the first projects for the Junior Engineer Workshops.

The first project we will be offering is an opportunity to build a catapult! The catapult pictured above is designed by our team and will be a great class for any age between 6-13. We will be building and testing the design over the next few weeks to ensure that it performs perfectly! Catapults are a great tool for teaching kids about basic engineering concepts, but more importantly, they are lots of fun!

Here is how it will work...

The main components of the catapult will be made using our 3D printers and put into kits for each of the engineers before they arrive. They will assemble the catapults and have the opportunity to customize their catapult using our 3D printers during class.

All students will learn a little bit about the history of catapults and how they were used in the Middle Ages, but did you know that catapults are still used today? Catapults are used to launch airplanes off of aircraft carriers!! There are still many applications for this technology today!

After reviewing the history and applications of catapults, the workshop complexity will be adjusted based on the age group of the class.

For the younger engineers, we will help them assemble the catapult and discuss the concepts of force and trajectory. Then they will get an opportunity to play with their catapults and compete in a tournament!

For the older engineers, we will discuss a few additional engineering concepts including potential energy, kinetic energy, and accuracy vs. precision. Then they will apply these concepts in a competition by adjusting the force and trajectory of the catapult! The engineers will need to use the concepts they learned to hit a target at a specified distance!

Contact us and let us know your thoughts about this project! We will continue to announce more updates about the Junior Engineer program as we approach the release date. ​Interested parents and kids can keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter to receive more announcements about opportunities to sign up for our first classes.

At Nexus3, we partner with businesses to bring their innovations to life. If you have an engineering challenge that needs solving or if you need parts fabricated using AM technology, contact us. We will help you solve your toughest problems.

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