Coming Soon - Nexus3 Junior Engineer Workshops

Nexus3 is passionate about giving back to the community and providing unique learning experiences for our next generation of innovators and engineers. This spring we will be offering a "Nexus3 Junior Engineer" program that will allow kids ages 6-13 to participate in small workshops centered around 3D printing and STEM projects.

3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is now becoming more widespread in many industries. It is no longer just for hobbyists or for producing expensive prototypes. Many companies are utilizing AM for production parts. Learning this new technology early will help kids to develop skills early that my help them later in their careers.

The program will teach kids the basics about Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies while increasing their excitement for STEM learning. The workshops will be small to allow for hands on learning opportunities that may have become more difficult for kids due to the increase of home schooling. We believe it is vital that we continue to inspire the next generation of innovators to pick up the torch and carry it for us.

Come join us and enter a world of creativity and imagination!

Each kid will dress up in a white lab coat and work together with a staff member to design and create an item that they get to take home. Here are just some of the activities you might expect to do during one of our workshops (activities differ depending on each program)

  • Dress up and be an engineer for the day!

  • Take home a toy or design that you created!

  • Compete and test your design's strength!

  • Solve puzzles with your own 3D print!

  • Explore our current science models, robots, and toys!

  • Take a picture with your creation and our 3D printer!​

​Interested parents and kids can keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter to receive more announcements about opportunities to sign up for our first classes.

At Nexus3, we partner with businesses to bring their innovations to life. If you have an engineering challenge that needs solving or if you need parts fabricated using AM technology, contact us. We will help you solve your toughest problems.

Nexus3 is your innovation partner. Let us help you realize what is possible.

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