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Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing




We strive to make the world a better place for future generations by partnering with highly innovative companies to bring their ideas to life.  Whether that means you are designing the next generation of rockets that will take us to Mars and beyond, or you just have an idea that makes mechanical inspection easier, we are there to help. 

Your long-term partnership with us means everything.  We are genuinely focused on building trust and mutual respect by providing the highest quality of service and products.



Marc Syrkel

Marc Syrkel


  • Marc Syrkel LinkedIn Profile

At a young age, Marc knew he wanted to be an engineer.  He remembers being inspired by a large interactive spaceship at his elementary school.  It was exciting to grab the controls of the flight simulator and learn about science and engineering.


After completing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University, Marc spent the next 16 years in the aerospace industry.  He has held many different roles with increasing responsibility including Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Director of Quality.  In his last role, he managed quality teams at five different sites including international locations.


Some of his engineering experience includes 3D modeling, 2D drawing creation, analysis of static and dynamic systems, stress analysis, qualification testing, root cause analysis, and quality systems.


Marc transitioned into Additive Manufacturing (AM) because of the positive impact it can have on our economy and society.  Products that were impossible to produce with traditional manufacturing processes are now possible.

Christian Rosas

Christian Rosas


  • Christian Rosas LinkedIn Profile

Christian has over 12 years of manufacturing and engineering experience including building, testing, and analysis of complex Aerospace and Defense components.  His professional background consists of roles in Management, Quality, and Testing.


Christian has an in-depth knowledge of running a business from end to end, which is key for Nexus3’s success.  Prior to Nexus3, Christian was providing engineering consulting services for a large aerospace corporation in the US and Mexico.


When Christian is not at work, he loves spending quality time with his family.  Some of their favorite things to do are camping and taking spontaneous trips to new places.

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