Kids STEM Workshop

kids workshops

Age: 6-13

Cost: $25 to $50 per class

Grant opportunities are available


Nexus3 is passionate about giving back to the community and providing unique learning experiences for our next generation of innovators and engineers. 


Our Nexus3 Junior Engineer Program provides workshops for kids that teach them the basics about AM technologies while increasing their excitement for STEM learning.  We believe that it is vital that we inspire the next generation of innovators to pick up the torch and carry it for us. 


Come join us and enter a world of creativity and imagination!

Each kid will dress up in a white lab coat and work together with a staff member to design and create an item that they get to take home.  Here are just some of the activities you might expect to do during one of our workshops (activities differ depending on each program)

  • Dress up and be an engineer for the day!

  • Take home a toy or design that you created!

  • Compete and test your design's strength!

  • Solve puzzles with your own 3D print!

  • Explore our current science models, robots, and toys!

  • Take a picture with your creation and our 3D printer!​

nexus3 junior engineers

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Girl with DIY Robot


Give your kids an opportunity to get involved in STEM and increase their excitement for Math, Science, and Engineering