Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing


3D Printed Architectural Models

Creating 3D printed architectural models is one of our core competencies and we have a substantial advantage over our competition. 

Nexus3 is affiliated with Walltek Systems (a construction company) and Buildcon Construction (a general contractor).  That makes us unique within the 3D printing services community.  Together, we have the 3D printing expertise and the construction knowledge to create stunning 3D architectural models.

Nexus3 has developed a digital workflow that converts Autodesk Revit projects into 3D prints.


First, we use Revit to simplify the model and remove any small features that will not print after the building has been scaled down to size. 


Second, we transfer the file into Fusion 360 and prepare it for printing by correcting any potential errors. 


Third, we export it to the slicing software (Cura) to create the final 3D print file.


If you do not have a Revit file, we can also generate a model based on your construction plans. 


We would be excited to help you create a scale model of your next construction project.  Contact us!

Highly Detailed Digital Renderings

We also have the capability to create architectural renderings for your next construction project.  Send us your Revit file or construction plans and we will deliver beautiful interior and/or exterior photos and videos.

To learn more about our services or to request a quote, call today at (623) 248-7722.